This special boy came along and introduced me to the world of Dog shows, I guess this is when I got the bug, Ruger and I tried many things from Obedience to Rally and sheep herding and where he really excelled was being an amazing pet to Andrew and I. He was always up for adventure and would be equally as happy hanging at home with this special friend Nellie. Nellie was his sidekick and special friend you couldn’t find one without the other, Nellie came to us a rescue her mom was a survivor of Huricane Katrina and was brought to Canada where she had a large litter of puppies, Nellie was one of these sweet babies she had he softest and biggest ears and it wasn’t too long after getting her did we finally realize that she didn’t bark but she bayed and could she bay loud, you always knew when Nellie was present. Nellie excelled at tracking and would swim all day long if given the opportunity. We would always say that we could tell she was from Lousianna as she enjoyed the heat and you could always find her laying in the hottest spot in the back yard.  I hope you enjoy a few pics of these two special kids as each one is always unique but the loss is still painful, never forgotten and always loved xoxo
# 2 Rottweiler in Canada 2013
RBIS, Multi Group Winning V-Rated GCH Rothburg’s Roarding for You, PCD, TT, CGN, HIC
Born August 26th, 2007 – July 8th, 2016
Breeders & Co-Owner: Loraine and Neil Jesse (Rothburg’s Rottweiler)

Born July 8th 2006 – June 2016